Top Payoneer Casino Online: Can Players Trust This Payment System?

Payoneer is an international payment system that allows gamblers to withdraw money from gambling websites and receive transfers from other users and entities. The system was founded in 2005.

After the money is credited to a user’s account, they can withdraw funds to another bank account or order a Payoneer card to use for online money transactions.

The payment for registration and service of a personal account is $0. The withdrawal fee varies from 0% to 3%. Payoneer can be used only for business transactions, but many players possess it.

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How to Get Paid with Payoneer

A Payoneer casino online allows its users to:

  1. Get money from partner sites (e.g., Payoneer casinos). To withdraw from a site, it is enough to specify the email connected to the Payoneer account. It is convenient to collect money from different sites in one account.
  2. Receive money directly from other users. A user can request payment and then receive an email with an invoice. The client does not need to have a Payoneer account to pay.
  3. Get your bank account information. Some sites, like Amazon, require bank account information. Payoneer has a service called Global Payment Service that allows users to get bank details for different currencies. Money transferred to these details will go into a user’s Payoneer account.

After receiving the money in your account, you can withdraw it to another account in a Canadian bank or order the bank card from Payoneer. With the card, it is possible to withdraw money from ATMs or pay online.

Registration in Payoneer

Signing up for an account is free and takes a few minutes. If you sign up using the referral link, you and your friend will get a $25 bonus. The bonus is credited within days of enrollment for a total of $1,000 for one year. It can be single or multiple payments as long as the total for the year exceeds $1000.

How Can a Player Get a Payoneer Card?

After adding $100 to a personal account balance, the Order Card button will appear in a personal cabinet. After completing the free shipping procedure, the Payoneer card will be sent to a Canadian user by regular mail. In 7-16 days, they will receive it.

The card may not arrive for a variety of reasons. If the card does not come, a user can have it re-delivered by regular mail or payable via DHL.

A Payoneer account can be used without ordering a card. Users can withdraw money to another bank card directly from the Payoneer balance. They will not have to pay 29,95 USD for the card every year.

Often people don’t need a plastic card, and a virtual version is enough. Now Payoneer offers a virtual card in Euros or Pounds.

What Are the Card Limitations?

The daily spending limit on the Payoneer card is $5,000. Users can withdraw up to $2,500 and spend up to $2,500 on purchases. One can make up to ten transactions per day at ATMs and up to 9 transactions at points of sale (real and virtual).

Remember, most ATMs and online Payoneer casinos have their limits, and these limits depend on the particular bank.

How to Deposit and Claim Money at Payoneer Casinos

The licensed site has the right to accept deposits from players and provide them with access to slots, games, sports betting, and live entertainment. The license also protects the players. Anyone who has been cheated can freely apply for help from the Commission.

Topping up the balance and getting money from Payoneer casinos is not difficult. The best part is that users don’t have to decide how to deposit and withdraw money every time. Just open an account with Payoneer once, and withdraw money from all the casino sites through it.

To replenish an account and start playing with real money, users should go to the Cashier section on the website. Pick the preferred payment method and the amount to deposit. The deposits are usually made instantly, so you won’t have to wait a while.

To withdraw money from the Payoneer casino online to a personal account, all you have to do is specify the email address of the account. The account is automatically connected as a withdrawal option.

It is possible to connect up to three accounts in different currencies – USD, EUR, and GBP. Commission for the transfer to the local bank account is 2%. Depending on the currency, the minimum amount of withdrawal will be different. In dollars, it is a fee of $200.

Customer Support

Registered users can get support by email, online chat, or phone. Users who do not have an account yet or are at the activation stage can get support only by email. To be able to write an email, go to the Payoneer support page, select your question from the knowledge base, and if the answer from the article is not enough, you will see a button could not find the answer – contact us at the bottom. FAQ may contain the answer to your question.


How fast can a player withdraw money from a Payoneer casino online?

Usually, the money is credited within a single business day.

How fast will a player receive a Payoneer card?

Delivery takes 1-2 weeks. After receiving the card, activate it in a personal cabinet.

Is online Payoneer gambling legal in Canada?

Online Payoneer gambling is legal in Canada. However, a player will require extra payment options for assistance.

How can a casino Payoneer player contact Payoneer?

Support is available by email, online chat, and phone. To get support contacts, first select the question of interest in the knowledge base.

Is it secure to play at a Payoneer casino?

It is 100% safe to gamble at a Payoneer casino.